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4 Stand-Out Features that will Maximise Your Home


Building a custom home not only has many benefits, you get to also customise to suit your needs and include features to maximise your home.

Here are some features to consider when custom building which can be maximised to enhance your enjoyment in your new home:

1, Flooring

With a myriad of options, flooring can certainly be maximised and customised to match any theme or style. There are many ways to maximise this feature, from elegance to ambience, and from practical to functional. In addition to materials such as tiles, carpet, wooden, or stone, you can create different atmospheres with colours and textures.

2, Kitchen

Hallmark Homes 5 Stand Out Features Kitchen 300x185 - 4 Stand-Out Features that will Maximise Your HomeWe commonly hear the quote, “the kitchen is the heart of a home”. This is especially the case when you are custom building your home. Your kitchen is not only the heart but is also a stand-out feature, right in the centre of a masterpiece! Consider the location, storage facilities, size, flow on to dining and living areas, and how you’d spend time in the kitchen. Of course, there’s also a great range of materials you can select from, such as marble or stainless-steel benchtops, or a more natural timber design.


3, LightingHallmark Homes 5 Stand Out Features Lighting 300x185 - 4 Stand-Out Features that will Maximise Your Home

Previously, we discussed why lighting is key to a new home. As such, lighting is also another stand-out feature you can maximise in your home. A main consideration is the orientation of your home and how you can maximise the natural lighting, while complementing with indoor lighting features to blend and create a perfect balance in each area. There are many on-trend lighting ideas from magazines that are stylish and contemporary to incorporate into your design.

4, Outdoor Area

Hallmark Homes 5 Stand Out Features Outdoor 300x185 - 4 Stand-Out Features that will Maximise Your Home

With the weather warming up, it’s time to head outside and enjoy the sunshine. Our love of the outdoors is evident in our culture and where better than to enjoy the outdoors in your very own home? The outdoor or entertainment area is increasingly becoming a stand-out feature in many modern homes, and with a bit of clever designing, you can create a perfect outdoor space that flows seamlessly from the indoors. This can also open up your home and create a more spacious feeling. Read our previous blog for more ideas.

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