multigenerational - Multi-Generational Living – times are changing!

Multi-Generational Living – times are changing!

Multi-generational living is becoming the new buzzword which defines numerous households today. For many extended families it makes perfect sense to live under the same roof for both financial and relationship reasons.

  • As young adults, our kids are tending to stay at home longer either to save money and/or to continue enjoying the creature comforts provided by mum and dad!
  • Many families want to live closer to their ageing parents for care reasons, plus provide the opportunity for younger children to experience a meaningful relationship with their grandparents.

When it comes to building a new family home it is vitally important to choose a design that reflects your hopes for the future and will accommodate changes in family dynamics in the years to come.

As home design specialists Hallmark Homes build homes to suit growing families in conjunction with their evolving lifestyle needs. Our home design plans incorporate multifunctional living areas, spacious outdoor entertaining options, multiple bathrooms and much more.

Loburn Floor Plan Web - Multi-Generational Living – times are changing!During the initial consultation, your Hallmark Homes Sales Consultant will ask you a lot of questions and do a lot of listening to ensure they get a clear picture of your family, lifestyle requirements, aspirations for your home and any individual needs of family members.

Whether you have energetic small children, teenagers or elderly parents, the main objective when designing a multi-generational home is to create a functional house that provides the right environment for families to enjoy everyday life together without putting strain on relationships.

Here’s some helpful design considerations to keep in mind for a multigenerational home:

  • Typically, young children need to be closer to their parents, teenagers want to be as far away as possible and adults are somewhere between
  • Provide a balance between shared and private living spaces, where family members can spend time together or take time out in a quiet part of the house
  • Multifunctional living areas that have the potential to be repurposed. For example, a children’s’ playroom which can be converted to a teenage retreat or media room in years to come
  • Noise control: keep noisier areas such as a media room away from bedrooms
  • Locate toilets in separate powder rooms or outside of bathrooms, so the two can be used at the same time
  • Storage is often forgotten in the mix of things. A well-designed home should always have plenty of storage for bikes, sports gear, holiday and camping gear, memorabilia and other items that accumulate overtime
  • Adequate garage and parking space
  • Consider a second storey home – multiple floors can be beneficial

Based on statistics, the multigenerational household is here to stay. Therefore, when choosing a new family home remember to think about your needs not just for now, but what will they be in 10 to 20 years? For more ideas and design options contact us today, phone 0508 422 556, email: 

Hallmark Homes Canterbury – we guarantee to build you a quality master-built home that will stand the test of time and the whole family will love to live in!

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