Our Process

Step 1: Initial consultation

Hallmark Homes initial consultation1 - Our Process

Whether you’re enquiry came through a referral from friends who have built with us, our website, facebook, our showhome, or you made contact on the phone, the first step on our journey together is an “Initial Consultation”

Hallmark homes will:
– Ask a lot of questions and do a lot of listening to ensure we can fully understand your needs and objectives
– Guide you on options and outline the process and timelines that match your needs

You will need to:
– Come prepared with all available geotech reports, site plans and any sketches or plan ideas you may have.
– Carefully explain your expectations of your new home, rebuild or repair project. – Allow us to understand your budget comfort zone to ensure we tailor the project to match your expectations with your budget.


Step 2: Concept Plans

Hallmark Homes concept plans1 - Our Process

Concept plans are about capturing all your ideas on paper (using the latest CAD drawing programmes) to come up with a plan for your new home that matches your needs and maximises your site opportunities and your budget.

– Once we’ve agreed on a concept plan fee, You’ll get to meet with our designer
– We’ll identify if there is an existing plan that matches your needs, whether we need to modify that plan or whether we need to start with a blank canvas.
– We’ll listen carefully and then set to work on your new home plans.
– We’ll be back within 10 days with a dimensioned footprint, elevations, site plan and an early indicative budget for the project.
– Remember the fee is an investment in your new home. On the basis you proceed then we’ll credit this fee back off your new home..


Step 3: Specification

Hallmark Homes specifications1 - Our Process

To allow us to accurately price your new home we need to understand all the fine detail and fitout.

– We will give you your own secure login to our customer portal. (Co-Construct)
– Using the latest user friendly software we’ll work with you to refine selections and options for your new home
– You’ll get to make informed decisions about every aspect of the “specification”


Step 4: Quote & Contract

Hallmark Homes quote and contract1 - Our Process

Once we have the concept plans and specifications in place we’re in a position to accurately identify the investment level required to complete the project.

Hallmark homes will:
– Send your plans and spec to all our key suppliers for pricing
– Collate all those inputs to arrive at a final investment figure
– We’ll go through this quotation with you and invite you to enter into an agreement with us to proceed.
– As registered master builders we’ll put in place a detailed agreement that along with your deposit will cement our relationship.

You will need to:
– Ensure you have correct funding in place
– Ensure all parties to the contract are fully aware of their obligations
– Enter into an agreement with us and make payment of your deposit.


Step 5: Working Plans & Consent

Hallmark Homes working plans and consent1 - Our Process

Once we have an agreement with you to proceed

– We’ll take your 4 or 5 page concept plans and turn them into maybe 20-30 pages of detailed working plans.
– Before we lodge for consent we’ll walk you through them in fine detail and seek your sign off.
– Once consent is lodged you’ll get to meet the entire Hallmark team at a pre start meeting. We’ll go through your project with you ensuring we fully understand your expectations and that you fully understand what we require of you.
– While this level of detail is being attended to we’ll have you in touch with our decor consultant to select your colour scheme, you’ll be working with our kitchen designer on your new kitchen plus be involved in a myriad of other important decisions.


Step 6: Construction

Hallmark Homes construction1 - Our Process

The building phase is the really exciting phase as you see your plans turning from paper to reality.

We will:
– Keep you in touch every step of the way
– Via Co-Construct and on site meetings regularly update you on progress towards completion.
– Discuss any changes you have asked for and seek approval before proceeding.

You need to ensure:
– You observe the Health and safety requirements of the work site
– Have any items your are bringing into the project on time
– Arrange your progress payments at the scheduled time.


Step 7: Handover

Hallmark Homes handover1 - Our Process

Before you know it your home will be complete and ready for you to move in.

Hallmark homes will:
– In the week before hand over we’ll invite you to a comprehensive walk through to address any details that require attention.
– Arrange Code of compliance from the local authority
– Prepare a comprehensive warranty and guarantee folder for all aspects of your home
– Arrange a Personal meeting with you to hand over the keys and present your new home to you .

You will need to:
– Arrange insurance of your new home
– Arrange for final payment before hand over
– Have a big smile ready as you move in. ENJOY


Step 8: Ongoing Support

Hallmark Homes ongoing support1 - Our Process

Our commitment to you is on going. Once you’re settled in and enjoying your new home, we will continue to keep contact to ensure any issues that might arise are adressed.

– Hallmark homes will provide you with a comprehensive 10 year Master builders warranty

– Hallmark homes will provide you with a 12 month maintenance period

We recognise that happy customers are our most effective form of advertising. That’s why we spend a lot of time, right from day one, listen carefully, fully understand your needs and communicate every step of the way.

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