Build with us and get rewarded.

'Share the love" referral programme. Refer any new client to us and receive $500 from us to thank you!

  • To be eligible for ‘share the love’ payment of $500, offer is valid for any new client referral made as follows:
  • The new client must have entered into an Unconditional Building Contract with Hallmark Homes and paid their deposit in full
  • The new client must confirm the name of the person referring them to Hallmark Homes to their New Home Consultant
  • The person referring the new client to Hallmark Homes must confirm their referral and contact details for payment to our New Home Consultants.
  • Offer can be used more than once ie: refer two new clients and payment of $1000 will be made.
  • Payment will be made either in cash or gift card as preferred by Hallmark Homes.
  • Payment will not be made until Hallmark Homes are satisfied clauses 1 to 3 are complied with.
  • Offer can be withdrawn or changed at any time by Hallmark Homes.