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Home is Where the Heart is


Mother’s Day has come and gone, but it is still a reminder to celebrate our mothers and personally thank them for their love and the positive influence they have had on our lives, and families to come.

As we reflect on what our mum means to us personally, our mind tends to return to where our life began, the family home. The place where we spent most of our lives growing up, where memories were made and where we felt safe and loved. Many of us are familiar with the saying ‘home is where the heart is,’ which certainly rings true when it comes to the influence our mums had on our happiness and the experiences we shared as a family.

After a long day at school, there was nothing more exciting than walking through the kitchen door and smelling the aroma of home cooking, and if we looked hard enough we’d find a delicious treat or two strategically hidden in the pantry. Even our pet dog knew mum was the reliable go to person for food!

When our bellies were full we would normally head outside for a game of footy, or if mum had her way we’d be hauled back inside to do our homework. Needless to say, we didn’t come in without a fight, but life was good.

There was always a cosy space to retreat to and relax. Whether it be our bedroom, or chilling out in the family room watching TV where there was a heap of cushions to throw about. As siblings, we fought over the comfiest chair in the room.

Our home was a social hub where family and friends often gathered, sharing great food, laughter and good times. Whether it be celebrating a birthday, Christmas or for no particular reason at all, mum was a great host and loved to entertain.

We are sure you will agree that mothers are excellent project managers, excelling at multi-tasking and time management. No matter how hectic life gets they manage to maintain course and keep the household running smoothly.

There is no doubt about it, mum’s have a great gift when it comes to making a house a home!

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