Add to Your Living Space by Using the Outdoors

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Add to Your Living Space by Using the Outdoors

Add to Your Living Space by Using the Outdoors

In recent years, one area of the home that has received a great deal of focus and attention is the Outdoor Living space. Once just a part of the backyard and garden, the outdoor area may have a barbeque and several pieces patio furniture. However, with modern designs that incorporate the outdoor space as an extension and addition of a living area, the potential is endless.

Here are some outdoor ideas to get started when you plan your new home build:

Add to Your Living Space by Using the Outdoors

Outdoor entertainment centre

With roofs, ceilings and walls that can protect an outdoor area from the weather and elements, you can transform an outdoor space into an entertainment centre. Electrical outlets and wiring can be incorporated in your floorplan design, so you can hang up a flat screen television and install lights or fans in the area. Enjoy your favourite movie, TV show, or simply relax in a living space surrounded by nature.

Outdoor kitchen and dining

Nowadays, you can feature a complete functioning kitchen in the outdoors. Gone are the days where the patio has just an unsightly barbeque grill, now you can install stovetops, bars, grills, sinks and refrigerators. Imagine the possibilities in which you can entertain and impress guests at your very own house parties! Outdoor furniture has also come a long way to complement the dining aspects of the area, with visually appealing styles and materials that are specifically designed to withstand exposure for outdoor use.

Outdoor firepits and fireplaces

Enjoy the outdoors all year round – the outdoor living space is not only for the warmer seasons, you can continue to maximise the use of the space in colder months by incorporating heating elements such as fireplaces and firepits. With a wide array of firepits and fireplaces of different shapes and sizes to choose from, you can truly customise the style and theme of your outdoor area. From the traditional, rustic look to a sleek modern style complete with feature walls, you can create a cosy living space to spend fond evenings by the fire with your family and friends.

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