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Springston Showhome Upgraded to 8 Homestar


Our springston showhome has just received a homestar 8 rating!

We always knew our Springston Showhome was special. But this just proves that point. Our Showhome has just received a Homestar 8 rating!

This means that it is significantly warmer, drier, and healthier than the average home! As a reference, most Kiwi homes would score a 4-star rating.

Here at Hallmark & Headstart Homes, we believe that building warmer, healthier, and drier homes is paramount for all of our customers.
Too long have Kiwis been living in substandard homes. That is why we have partnered with the Green Building Council to bring you Homestar.

What is Homestar?

Homestar is the independent rating tool created by the Green Building Council that measures the warmth, dryness, energy efficiency and overall environmental friendliness of your home. The better your home performs on each of these elements, the more points it will earn, consequently giving it a higher “Homestar rating”.

Healthy for Your Family & Your Pocketbook Wallet

Having a Homestar rated home has many health and financial benefits. Your home is well insulated so it will require less energy to heat up and can maintain the internal temperature. Additional insulation is installed in your ceiling, walls, and foundation. They all act together to create a strong thermal envelope.

The Home is also well ventilated. This means that you won’t be breathing in old, stale air. A strong ducted Lossnay system will replace the stagnant air with fresh, cool air from the outside. This also helps to cool down the house on warm days.

Homestar requires that energy and water-efficient fittings must be used throughout the home. These fittings will save you money on both the amenities and financial fronts.

Save on Your Mortgage

Homestar has turned the eye of prominent retail banks. Homestar is seen as a great initiative and banks will grant mortgage discounts for homes that receive a Homestar rating of 6 upwards. For more information, get in touch with us today.

SPECIAL for the Month of MAY ONLY!

At Hallmark & Headstart Homes, we have in-house Homestar assessors who can work alongside you to achieve your Homestar dreams.

For the Month of May, we are running a fantastic, one-of-a-kind promotion. Invest an additional $5k, and we will give you up to $16k worth of Homestar recommended upgrades back.

That’s $11K worth of home improvements you’re getting for free!! This could include a Ducted Heat pump and Lossnay system, additional insulation throughout your home, energy-efficient fittings, thermally broken joinery with Low E and Argon Gas, and more!

You won’t get this deal anywhere else! But it’s only for the Month of May, so get in quick!

T’s and C’s apply.