Communication is the Key

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Communication is the Key

Communication is the Key

Building a new home is an unfamiliar process for new home-owners, as well as experienced home owners. At Hallmark Homes, we understand, and acknowledge the fears, concerns and worries of every client, by being accessible to you, online, 24/7, in order to ensure a smooth and enjoyable process to building your dream home.

Building a home is a long process with many steps. That process does not start at the construction of your home. Months preceeding on site work, our team works with you to finalise designs, and specifications for your new home. The course of building a new home is progressive and thorough to guarantee you are informed, and give approval every step of the way ensuring no surprises. That’s why communication between you and our team is crucial to establish a secure and trustworthy relationship.

“At Hallmark we see communication between client and builder as a priority, and appreciate that clear communication throughout the entire process is key to a successful outcome”

When you log onto the Hallmark Homes “App”, on your phone or on your desktop, here’s some of the key features you’ll see

Communication is the Key
  • Each project has its own personal profile which contains crucial information like specifications, cost and budget comparisons, as well as any other relevant documents and files which contribute to the process of the build.
  • One of the unique functions of our software is the direct messaging platform between you and Hallmark Homes.
    • The purpose of this function is so any queries can be addressed quickly and efficiently to alleviate any concerns or confusion.
    • In conjunction to the messaging capability, a personal notification is immediately sent to you, so that you are notified of any new progress, or responses updated on our system.
  • A unique advantage of using our system is the authorisation process. Any changes, or adjustments to your specifications must be authorised by you, and then, verified by a Hallmark Homes authorised team member, to ensure there are no surprises.
    • Detailed financial information of your build is tracked on your personal profile, so you can keep tabs on the cost of your build, the variation from final price as a flow on of specification changes, as well as the track your own payments towards the build.Communication is the Key
  • This online “app” will house uploaded documents, files, and photos to a localised section of the program, so any new changes in specifications or design, as well as financial information of your build can be viewed in one central section of the program.Communication is the Key

And better still you can facebook those photos of your enw home to your friends and family from direct within the App.

  • Our system also tracks the progress of the build by following a detailed timeline, created by our team to ensure the build is kept on schedule. You can see this schedule in the “app” 24/7, where ever you have mobile or desktop access.. As well as tracking the progress of the job, our software also records the Job Site activity, which is updated by our contractors on a daily basis, recording the work completed day by day, so you can see your new home come together, step by step.
Communication is the Key

Want to take a closer look at our online “app” Click here to watch this video