Hallmark Homes Architectural Cardrona Showhome In Christchurch NZ Architectural Design by Phil Bidwell, Building healthier, warmer, sustainable homes. Homestar 6 certified homes exceed NZ's new building code. Comfort & energy efficiency,


Upgrade your new home to Homestar 6 for FREE with Hallmark Homes

Hallmark Homes Architectural Cardrona Showhome In Christchurch NZ Architectural Design by Phil Bidwell, Building healthier, warmer, sustainable homes. Homestar 6 certified homes exceed NZ's new building code. Comfort & energy efficiency,

Build your home with Hallmark and we can make this dream a reality!

The New Zealand Government announced a new building code that will come into effect on May 1st 23, however, the Homestar 6 certification is still higher than the new code requirements meaning an even healthier home!


  • You will have a healthier, warmer, drier home that will achieve a Homestar 6 certification New Zealand Green Building Council (nzgbc.org.nz).
  • Better ventilation achieved in a Homestar home using a heat ventilation exchange system such as lossnay to ensure stale moist air in the home is always being replaced with warmed dry fresh air. 99% of condensation or moisture buildup is removed, reducing mould and therefore is much healthier for us especially for those suffering with respiratory illnesses.
  • Financial savings on energy costs; you will have a warmer home, so less heating required and reduced water costs (less water used with tapware acceptable to Homestar
  • You could be eligible for up to 1% discount on your mortgage rate* see home calculations here.
  • Environmentally friendly with less carbon footprint.

With Homestar 6, you can be assured it is in the uttermost luxury and comfort.

Homestar Rated homes offer better liveability, indoor health, energy and water efficiency, and reduced running costs. They also support NZ’s net-zero greenhouse gas emissions target by 2050, with minimal additional costs.

Passive Solar Design
Passive solar design saves on long-term comfort, well-being, and running costs. It involves optimising the building’s orientation, having north-facing living spaces, well-designed glazing, and shading for summer heat.

Thermal Insulation
A higher Homestar rating means better insulation and a more efficient thermal envelope for cheaper running costs. Installing extra insulation during construction is more cost-effective than retrofitting. Proposed recommendations include improving insulation for the roof, slab footing, whole slab, and walls.

Homestar Rated homes have thermally broken aluminium frames that can reduce up to 40% of heat loss through windows. Other improvements include low-emissivity coating on glass and insulation glass units. These upgrades can increase insulation by around 65%, resulting in up to 24% reduction in heating costs.

Material Use
Building materials have environmental impacts from extraction to disposal. Homestar Ratings assess environmental sustainability, including material use. Careful selection of materials can reduce carbon footprint without compromising budget. Considerations include waste reduction, sustainability, durability, energy efficiency, and use of renewable or recycled materials.

Hallmark Homes truly believe you cannot put a price tag on your health and wellbeing. Why invest in a standard home when you can have more? For the same amount, we are offering you a home that is healthier to live in, cheaper to run, and better for the environment.

Asthma New Zealand along with Hallmark Homes believes all Kiwis should live in a warm and dry environment to ultimately reduce or eliminate any respiratory illnesses. Asthma New Zealand has released alarming reasons why they believe we need to improve our homes, to the standard of a Homestar 6;

  • New Zealand has the second highest rate of Asthma in the world.
  • 40% of our population cannot read or write to a level that allows them to fully function daily.
  • Asthma has a direct correlation to productivity in the workplace.
  • Asthma causes a 37% decrease in productivity across the board.

These challenges are all impacted by the simple factor of not living in a healthy home. Because our health starts at home.

You are welcome to come visit our office or showhomes. Office Address: 10c Craft Place, Middleton We would also welcome your call on 0508 442556. We are available to answer any questions you might have.

*T’s and C’s:

  • Offer valid for unconditional contracts signed between 1/5/23 to 15/12/23.
  • Must have an unconditional contract signed and deposit paid by that date.
  • Offer not available to staff and their families.
  • Offer available only on full retail pricing and not available in conjunction with any other discounted promotion given by Hallmark Homes / Headstart Homes.
  • Offer is to upgrade the specifications in the new home to achieve Homestar 6 certification over and above the new H1 NZ Building Code effective 1st May 23.
  • This offer is contingent on the new H1 NZ Building code coming into force on 1st May 2023 (not delayed) otherwise may be withdrawn until such time the H1 NZBC comes into effect.
  • If any contract signed qualifies for the Homestar 6 promotional upgrade but the H1 NZBC has not come into effect by 1 May 23, Hallmark will advise you if you wish to continue with the Homestar 6 upgrade as there may be costs associated with this and passed on to the client.
  • Offer can be withdrawn at any time or terms could be subject to change solely at Hallmark management discretion.