“A warm Healthy Energy Efficient Home”

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A warm Healthy Energy Efficient Home

“A warm Healthy Energy Efficient Home”
“A warm Healthy Energy Efficient Home”

The key to creating a warm energy efficient healthy home starts with your plans; using passive design principles to make the most of the sun’s free natural warmth.

The aspect (orientation and position) of your home in relation to the sun, is a critical factor as to how well your home will absorb heat in the winter. The ideal building site for a warm, energy efficient home gets plenty of sun, has a northly aspect and is sheltered from prevailing winds.

It’s one thing to capture this great natural solar heating source, however the key is to lock this warmth in. When deciding on the building materials used in the construction of your home, it is important to understand the impact they have on the way heat is absorbed, stored, released and distributed throughout your house.

“A warm Healthy Energy Efficient Home”

By using passive heating, you can lock up the sun’s heat for use later in the day. Think of a polished concrete floor or maybe a block interior wall as a big hottie. Gently radiating the stored heat as the temperatures drops in the evening.

Cold has a way of finding the weakest link in the chain. So, the whole goal is to create a “thermal envelope” that wraps your home up and the following elements are key to achieving this, i.e. a warm healthy efficient home.


  • Ceilings – reduces heat gain and loss
  • Garage Insulation (don’t cut corners, insulate the total envelope of your home)
  • Walls – reduces radiant, conducted and convected heat transfer
  • Floors – approx 10% of heat loss from an average home is through the floor


  • Double Glazing

    • Significantly reduces heat loss through windows
    • Reduces condensation build up in cold weather
    • Thermally broken Low E glass and Argon are further options – locking in heat and reducing condensation
  • Window Coverings –

    • Window protection creates an insulating layer of still air on the inside of the glass
    • Use closely woven, close-fitting curtains or blinds (especially at night)

Our Home Builders Faringdon at Hallmark Homes is passionate about using design principles encompassing all the elements mentioned above to ensure your home is both energy efficient, cosy and comfortable to live in year-round. Contact us today to discuss building a quality home perfect for you and your family.