Cardrona Is The Perfect Floorplan For Outdoor Entertaining This Spring & Summer With Hallmark Homes Canterbury New Zealand

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Cardrona: The Perfect Home Floorplan For Outdoor Entertaining This NZ Spring & Summer

Cardrona Is The Perfect Floorplan For Outdoor Entertaining This Spring & Summer With Hallmark Homes Canterbury New Zealand

Cardrona: The Perfect House Floorplan For NZ Outdoor Entertaining This Spring & Summer

If you’re looking for the perfect home in Christchurch for outdoor entertaining this spring and summer, we have just the thing for you. The design team created the Cardrona show home to stand out from the crowd. Its round edges and shapes deliver an idyllic zen atmosphere. Cushioned in earth tones, this property is the perfect space for outdoor entertaining and relaxing throughout the warmer months. 

While modern and sophisticated, the home encapsulates something softer and more picturesque, drenched in warm whites, soft greys and earthy browns to achieve an organic aesthetic ‒ perfect for warm days spent outdoors. Concrete flooring keeps the space cool while providing a natural, pared-back appearance. 

Secluded Outdoor Lounge 

A sheltered and secluded outdoor lounge is the perfect relaxing and entertainment spot, equipped with a built-in barbeque space and gorgeous water feature. When designing Cardrona, special consideration was given to the indoor and outdoor flow of the floorplan. The team’s intention was to create a seamless connection between the interior of the home with the elements.

Outdoor Lounge Positioning 

This stunning secluded outdoor lounge is positioned in front of a spacious entertainers kitchen for optimal convenience. The space is easy to access with full-height stacking sliders that attach the private barbeque area to the rest of the home. It features an attractive pergola with automated louvres and a zen-like water feature, which all combine to create a serene and relaxing environment. 

Designer Kitchen & Bar 

With the beautiful designer bar and kitchen just a few steps from the serene deck, entertaining guests while enjoying the cool breeze inside the home is a reality in this modern, open space. The convenience of the kitchen to BBQ is unmatched! You won’t have to travel too far to prepare delicious plates for the fire and still be part of the outdoor festivities. 

The team at Hallmark Homes has a reputation for building visually stunning homes, and the Cardona is no exception. 

This showhome is only one of our many plans with fantastic outdoor living opportunities.
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