Interior design – Making your home a reflection of yourself

A great design creates a story of who you are. Your home should be a reflection of you and your family, both aesthetically and practically. Don’t be afraid to put splashes of your personality in key areas of your home. Our team at Hallmark Homes recognise your lifestyle and personality are unique and therefore our aim is to work together to create a home that is unique to you.

Unique = empty wallet? Not always. Think colour on the walls, a bold wallpaper, timber accents and greenery. By adding layers and texture to spaces that are feeling lack lustre you can create so much warmth and personality, that won’t break the budget.

The image below of a laundry we found on Pinterest is a great example. A couple of rolls of a bold wallpaper and a slab of timber for a bench top goes together to create a beautifully contrasting room that makes doing laundry not so tedious after all. Hallmark Homes take pride in being flexible so our customers can make their home their own. Bring us your slab of timber or ornate light fitting and we can help incorporate it in your home.

Personalising spaces with your style of decorating is important so you feel relaxed, happy and comfortable in your own home. How you want a space to feel is essential in creating an interior that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also an extension of your personality and soul.

Interior Design is such an important and large aspect of designing a home. It’s not only colours and furniture, it’s the fine details that make you discover different aspects of your home every day. Although ceilings are often under-designed or forgotten about, they are also a great way to create interest and stand-out features in a home. If you have visited our Nevis Show Home you would understand why. A great ceiling design or detailing can create a feeling of space, a feeling of comfort and a sense of luxury.

With so many elements that encompass good design, we have tried to remove the stress and overwhelming feelings to “get it right” by providing all our clients with the services of our experienced sales and design team. They are here to provide design recommendations to suit your personality and lifestyle requirements. We also work with the experts in quality kitchen design who will sit down with you and help create the kitchen of your dreams. And, to top it all off you get an interior design consultation (or two) with Sandalwood Design to tie it all together and help provide you with the all-important finishing touches to your dream home.

Pop into our Show Home to view one of Hallmark’s quality well designed homes, which is beautifully tied together with a soft interior and a welcoming feel. Alternatively, contact us today, 0508 442 556 to discuss your new home ideas. Our team prides themselves in designing and building homes people love to live in!

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