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2022 Reflection and Vision for 2023 for Hallmark Homes and Headstart Homes

2022 Reflection and Vision for 2023 for Hallmark Homes and Headstart Homes

As 2022 comes to an end, we wanted to reflect on this past year of outstanding achievements and also look ahead to 2023 and all the upcoming opportunities.

Review of 2022

Overcoming Supply Challenges

2022 has been an exciting but interesting year for us. The start of the year was plagued by supply issues, although we are glad to see these are finally beginning to normalise. In particular, plasterboard posed a lot of issues industrywide. We were quite proactive from the outset and sourced a lot of our stock from Australia. This meant we could get continuous supply, and our sites were not majorly delayed. This was a great outcome for both our clients and us.

Cardrona Showhome Opening + VIP Night feature:

One of the many highlights of 2022 has been the opening of our Cardrona Showhome. Situated in the heart of Te Whāriki, Lincoln, the Cardrona Showhome is an entertainer’s dream. Inspired by the rolling hill and snowy peaks of the Cardrona Valley, this home combines form and function to create a visually appealing home.

From the road front, a striking combination of steep gables, flat roof lines and a neutral colour palette definitely make this showhome stand out. Inside and out, the Cardrona has been designed with the modern family in mind, with custom cabinetry, luxurious finishes, designer furnishings and multiple living areas.

The Cardrona opened officially to the public in July. We have been blown away by how well received it has been. The cutting-edge, modern interior, striking exterior, and functional layout have made this showhome a crowd favourite.

The design team worked hard to push the boundaries and design something new for our audience to enjoy. The Cardrona leads from both an architectural and efficiency front. The showhome has received a Homestar 6 certification from the Green Building Council, which means it is significantly warmer, drier and healthier than most homes. You can feel the difference on those cold days!

New website/branding:

We’re very proud to showcase our new branding/website. Our vision for Hallmark Homes is to be a trusted, industry-leading builder specialising in building bespoke homes. As a part of our commitment to our new vision, we felt our branding needed modernising. Head to our website to see more!

Upcoming Asthma NZ Docuseries & Hallmark’s Feature

One of the other things our team has been working on behind the scenes is a partnership with Asthma NZ and their Healthy Homes campaign. Asthma NZ is a not-for-profit organisation passionate about helping Kiwis live with Asthma.

A recently completed study by Asthma NZ has shown that the development of Asthma and other lung-related diseases is closely linked to poor living conditions.

Asthma’s NZ’s Healthy Homes campaign is aimed at educating  Kiwis about the impact their living conditions have on their health and the importance of going above and beyond the Building code to guarantee a healthier environment for your family.

Asthma NZ asked us to speak about Homestar and how its affordable upgrades will ensure your home is warmer, drier and healthier than the average Kiwi home.

We are honoured to participate in a campaign about such an important topic. At Hallmark, we are passionate about ensuring Kiwis live in award-winning, healthy homes. That’s why we have several in-house Homestar assessors who can ensure your home goes above and beyond!

The docuseries will be launched in 2023. Stay tuned for more information!

New Staff Additions:

This year, we were delighted to welcome three new members to the Team.


As an esteemed Architectural designer, Phil has a strong reputation for designing aspirational homes for his clients. In his spare time, Phil is a passionate golfer. He spends a lot of his time on the fairways, although, according to him, probably not enough time. Phil is a significant asset in our design team and will oversee the refreshment of our plan series.


Hamish quickly slotted into the team with ease. As our construction project manager, Chris’s right-hand man, Hamish, has shown his value on and off-site. It is apparent Hamish is just as thorough and detail oriented as Chris, even though we didn’t think that was possible. These two tend to travel in a pair, and you’ll never see one far away from the other. We are stoked to have Hamish on our team and look forward to watching him develop in his new role.


Raga has also seamlessly joined our team. His welcoming smile and lovely nature make him an absolute pleasure to be around in the office. We are very lucky to have Raga on our team, also. He is a skilled Quantity Surveyor with experience all around the world. In his spare time, Raga and his wife enjoy exploring Christchurch and all it has to offer.

Looking forward to 2023

Mike and Esther’s Vision for 2023

Directors of Hallmark Homes – Mike & Esther Bonné

New showhomes

As we look to 2023, our team is excited to release two new showhomes – one in the new Westwood development in Faringdon and the other in the prestigious Oakbridge subdivision.

Both showhomes are currently under construction. We look forward to releasing details of their official openings in the New Year.

Changes in the Code / Homestar requirements

2023 will bring a lot of changes to the Building Industry, the key being the changes in the NZ Building Code. 

In May, the new Building Code requirements will come into full force. This will require all newly built homes to have improved thermal performance across their insulation, foundations and aluminium joinery. A lot of these new mandatory changes are already required by Homestar, which we have been operating for a number of years now. We feel very confident about these new requirements and look forward to seeing more Kiwis living in warmer, healthier and drier homes.

In addition, Homestar requirements will also change according to Homestar V5. The new version will increase the expected thermal performance of Homestar homes. Some of our construction methodologies will have to change to facilitate these higher requirements. This is an exciting prospect, as the newer methods are more aligned with current methods employed in America and the rest of the world. They will also considerably reduce the carbon footprint of each of our homes, which is another significant benefit.

Our team has worked hard this year, and I am proud of their efforts. The impacts of COVID created new and unforeseen issues, which we managed with diligence and grit. Our staff repeatedly went above and beyond for our clients, ensuring they were kept in the loop and answering any questions they may have had! They all deserve a good break!  

Our office will close on Friday the 18th of December and will re-open on Monday the 16th of January! We look forward to seeing you all again after a restful break.

We would like to thank all of our customers for trusting us to build their homes. Building these last few years has been an especially challenging time, so we are grateful that you chose to stick with us through it all! Hopefully, we will see you again soon!

We want to wish everyone a happy Xmas and New Year!

Mike & Esther Bonné
Directors of Hallmark Homes