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Home Flooring Trends


As flooring is a key design element in creating atmosphere and style for your new home, choosing the right floor coverings can be a challenge. The first step involves deciding what look and feel you want throughout, plus it’s important to consider the function of each room and your budget.

There are so many different types and finishes to consider, so let’s take a look at some of the popular flooring trends.

Wooden Floorboards

Classic timbers, particularly lighter tones make any space seem bigger and brighter, especially when exposed to natural light. Also,
texture is the point of difference this year, with many opting for the imperfect timber look, i.e. slightly distressed, grainy timbers which add character to a room.


Solid, durable tile flooring has always been a popular choice. Due to innovative technology, tiles can now mimic the likes of natural stone and wooden floorboards, with the added benefits of less maintenance and increased durability. Large format tiles also remain on trend, creating a spacious streamline look – with minimal grout lines and joins.


Vinyl floors have come a long way since the seventies! Providing a quality affordable alternative to wood flooring or tiles. This trend also carries through to laminate flooring, which is a great stain resistant, cost effective alternative to classic wood flooring.

Wool Carpet

100% natural wool remains the top trend for carpets. It’s a great family-friendly choice, adding warmth and texture to the atmosphere of your home.


Bamboo is a sustainable stylish alternative to timber, continuing to grow in popularity due to its strength, scratch resistance and diverse colour range.

Patterns and geometric designs

Patterns such herringbone and basket weave are very popular. As is, laying wood and tiles in different directions, which adds complexity and depth to a room.


Parquet is a type of wood flooring originating in France back in the mid-1600s, made from small blocks or strips of wood laid to create a geometric pattern. This style has had a resurgence in popularity, with it being available in wood, vinyl or large-scale tile formats.

Whether you have fallen in love with a popular trend. or you want to use your own unique ideas, come and talk to our friendly team of design specialists at Hallmark Homes. We can help design and build your dream home, reflecting your style and personality. Contact us today, ph. 0508 442 556