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How to Seamlessly Integrate your Home’s Indoor/Outdoor Living Areas

How often do we hear the term, getting back to nature? More than ever, this concept is being applied to the innovative design and architecture of contemporary homes today.

With Canterbury’s mild climate, and our innate passion for nature and the outdoors, outdoor living is an integral part of our family and social lifestyle. So, when it comes to designing the perfect home; year-round indoor/outdoor living areas are a highly sort after inclusion, providing families with the ultimate outdoor living room to relax and entertain.

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Clever design technology has enabled builders to create larger door openings to accommodate oversized bi-fold doors, recessed sliding pocket doors or large self-stacking doors. These larger doors provide vast openings which allow for the seamless integration of the indoor/outdoor living areas, with the added benefit of providing additional natural light into the home even when the doors are closed.

Important design considerations to help achieve a seamless indoor/outdoor transition include:

  • To blur the line between the inside and outside of the home, ensure your indoor and outdoor areas are at the same floor level so they function as one space and visually flow. In addition, Hallmark Homes rebates the sliders into the floor to maintain a level transition.
  • Continue the indoor flooring outdoors. Or, at least match the flooring in materials, style and colour for a seamless effect.
  • Carry the ceiling/house roofline over your outdoor entertainment area, (alternatively cover or partially cover the area with a roofing alternative such as a louvered roof or retractable panels etc.). This also provides protection in all weather and seasons, so you can enjoy year-round use of your outdoor area.

In addition to the above structural considerations; by repeating (echoing) interior design elements (including furniture) from the inside living area to the outdoor entertainment area vice versa, the style and ambiance will flow as one whole comfortable zone, instead of creating two separate rooms.

Our friendly team at Hallmark Homes specialise in building homes that people love to come home to – that includes family and friends! Outdoor living is an integral part of our lifestyle and this is reflected in our newest showhome LINCOLN – featuring a unique, fully encloseable alfresco area complete with outdoor kitchen, BBQ and other elements.

Our focus at Hallmark is to design and build quality homes to suit our clients’ lifestyle, so we can design and customise your outdoor entertainment area with a range of inclusions to suit your budget. Contact us today, or come and visit our new showhome LINCOLN– 162 Southfield Drive, Te Whariki, Lincoln.

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