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Tricks for Dividing Open Plan Living Spaces


Tricks for Dividing Open Plan Living Spaces

In recent years, open plan living has become a common feature of many modern homes. Open plan living allows you to create a spacious and multi-functional area that seamlessly fits within your home. Clever designing and styling can further enhance and maximise its utility, making it a purposeful overall room that your family and friends can enjoy to its fullest.

Here are some ideas for making the most of your open plan living area:

Balance and zones

When designing your open plan layout, consider how it is to be used for your family. An open plan area connects different functional areas of the home, including the kitchen. Balance the proportion and allocate how the space is to be divided for relaxation, kitchen living and dining, receiving guests, or even for work purposes such as an open office nook. Divide your space to incorporate all aspects of living when flowing seamlessly from one section to another.

Outdoor flow and natural light

Another increasingly popular idea that is incorporated into an open plan layout is designing the indoor living area to flow seamlessly to the outdoors. Not only will this create a larger area overall, it will also bring in more natural light and make the space feel warmer, more spacious, and welcoming. Consider using full height patio sliding or folding doors to maximise the open space that leads to the outdoors.

Furniture placement

Place furniture strategically to divide sections of your open plan living. For example, a L-shaped or corner sofa can create a cosy area within the open space. You can also cleverly place rugs to create ‘invisible’ sectioning of relaxation, visitor reception, or other purposeful areas. Consider the location of your windows and position your dining table and chairs nearby for the most light. Other decorations can include large wall hung mirrors to open out a busy space or adding a fireplace to achieve a comfortable, cosy feel.

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