The Humble Garage – An Integral ‘Room’ in the House

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The Humble Garage – An Integral ‘Room’ in the House

The Humble Garage – An Integral ‘Room’ in the House

The humble garage has certainly evolved over the years, from being a place to park the car with dad’s workbench crammed in at the back, covered with jars full of nails and screws, tools hanging on makeshift hooks and garden implements crammed up against the wall.

Modern garages are so much more these days, and when it comes to planning a new home, careful consideration to the layout and inclusions for the garage is a vital factor. And, there is something unique about a garage when it comes to the man of the house. Many say it’s their most favourite ‘room,’ taking pride in how it’s laid out and utilised.

Other than cars, garages are expected to store heaps of ‘stuff’ and careful thought needs to be applied when it comes to your garage fit-out, including proper storage for the likes of sports gear, tools, gardening implements and much more! The installation of cupboards and shelving, plus the clever utilisation of wall bracket systems for vertical storage is ideal for mountain bikes and road bikes. as they’re a pain to store.

The Humble Garage – An Integral ‘Room’ in the House

Here are some practical inclusions to consider:

  • Natural light (window)
  • Electric lighting and power point allocation
  • A rear roller door allowing for a trailer or boat to be pulled through to the backyard
  • Ventilation & Insulation – remember it can get mighty cold in the winter, and cop the heat in the summer


The standard double garage is designed to accommodate two cars side by side, however when planning your new home give a thought to adding a 3rd or half garage to give you extra space to play with. There is a huge difference between a 2-car garage and a 2.5 car garage.


Having the luxury of extra garage space gives you the scope to incorporate the likes of a workshop, personal workout gym or that special area to store your cherished boy’s toy – the motorbike or sports car – taking pride and place in the garage.

Then again, how about the ‘ultimate garage come man cave‘ – It’s definitely what the man of the house would class as 100% utilisation of space! A place to retreat and chill-out; whether you’re playing computer games, tinkering with your cherished boy’s toy, listening to loud music, or having a laugh and a yarn with mates over a beer, watching the footy – this is where it happens!

Remember, make your garage work for you – it’s an integral part of your home!

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The Humble Garage – An Integral ‘Room’ in the House