Ventilation Solution


One of the challenges with a modern home is that they’re so well sealed they can’t breathe. Result?? Damp walls, wet windows and mould.

The solution is Ventilation.

  1. You could use a dehumidifier, but they’re costly to run and are only making the symptom go away, not fixing the problem
  2. You could extract the damp air in bathrooms to the outside.


Open Window For Ventilation

3. You could open some windows. That will have a profound effect on moisture levels; bringing fresh air in and helping expel stale damp air. The problem is, it might make for a colder home as well.

4. The first real step is to utilise “Positive Ventilation Principles.” Bring dry fresh air from the ceiling cavity and pressurise your home, thereby pushing out the moist stale air.

There are a myriad of brands and products on the market that can achieve this. They’re not perfect, but they’re better than nothing.

Positive Ventilation Principles

5. A further leap ahead would be to utilise a balanced ‘Heat Recovery Ventilation System.’ Imagine this:

  • Bring fresh air in
  • Temper the fresh incoming air with the warmth in your home; either from the sun’s natural warmth (it’s free), or from a primary heat source such as a fire or heat pump
  • Distribute this warm fresh air throughout the home
  • Expel the stale damp air to the outside
  • Resulting in a warmer healthy home with lower moisture levels

Heat Recovery Ventilation System
A damp home is an unhealthy home and ventilation is the key. Talk to us about the options when you’re planning
your new home.
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