Architectural Features The Defining Element of Luxury New Zealand Homes with Hallmark Homes Christchurch Canterbury NZ

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Architectural Features

Architectural Features The Defining Element of Luxury New Zealand Homes with Hallmark Homes Christchurch Canterbury NZ

The Defining Element Of Any Luxury Home Are Its Architectural Features

The features incorporated in a custom-designed and built home reflect the owner’s personal style and taste. At Hallmark Homes, we make a conscious effort to push the boundaries. Our mission is to open our audience’s minds to the possibilities in custom home building.

That is why none of our show homes will ever look the same.

Below we have outlined some Architectural features you should consider when building your new home:

1. Windows / Skylights

Hallmark Blog – Architectural Features

Windows and Skylights make an impressive aesthetic feature for any home. They add a clean, sleek and sophisticated atmosphere to the space. They also add tremendous amounts of natural light to your home. Natural light has numerous health and economic benefits, including savings on energy usage, improved air quality, and reduced mould and mildew.

2. Cathedral / Raking Ceilings

Hallmark Blog – Architectural Features

Cathedral ceilings are an effective and elegant feature for custom design homes. The higher ceilings instantly create a spacious feel to any room or area. These are commonly paired with picture windows, which sit above the frames to create an impressive and luxurious aesthetic. Cathedral and Raking ceilings can also be complemented with other features – such as hanging pendant lights, and exposed trusses or ceiling panelling. Exposed trusses and ceiling panelling can also be designed to stun. Consider using cedar in your new cathedral ceiling to make a statement.

3. Stone cladding:

Hallmark Blog – Architectural Features

Stone cladding is a timeless yet stylish feature for any home. It has a stunning visual appeal, with a rustic, natural look. There is a wide range of stone types, materials, and colour tones that can be customised to suit all styles and tastes. As a versatile material, it can also be used as both an interior or exterior feature in many different areas of the home.

4. Alfresco Area – Summer Appeal

Hallmark Blog – Architectural Features

We love outdoor Alfresco areas! Now that the weather is starting to heat up, what better way to enjoy summer than to spend it with family and friends in your own home! Alfresco areas are perfect for all kinds of entertainers. They create a stunning, secluded room perfect for hosting visitors and guests. You can also seamlessly create indoor-outdoor flow for a spacious and open effect.

Custom Designed Homes with Hallmark Homes

As one of Canterbury’s leading Master Builders, here at Hallmark Homes our dedicated customer service team strives to help you achieve your dream and enjoy the journey at the same time. We listen to your needs and incorporate a range of architectural features to suit your style. When you build with us, not only will your home be an award-winning home, it will also be a home built uniquely for you.

Get in touch to discuss your dream home build today!