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Tips for Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Home


Floors cover your entire home and is often one of the most challenging choices new homeowners face when it comes to building their first home. Whilst it will mostly come down to personal preferences, with the wide and varied options available – from hard to soft, natural to synthetic – it can still feel rather overwhelming when it comes to decision time. Here are some tips for choosing the right flooring for your home and turn it into a luxury home:

Headstart Homes Right Flooring - Tips for Choosing the Right Flooring for Your HomeTimber / Laminated Timber

This is often a popular choice for those who prefer a natural look. Timer floorboards come in a variety of appealing shades from light to dark, and are easy to install and clean. The laminated timber ‘look-a-like’ floorboards are not only economical, but are also reinforced with a strong coating for scratch and stain resistance.


Another popular choice is floor tiles, which are not only easy to maintain, but are also more durable than floorboards. Nowadays you can find tiles in all shapes and sizes, colours, and textures. You’re bound to be able to match tiles to any theme and style of your home. Modern tiles are also designed to be non-slip, and extra-large tiles allow for easy cleaning with lesser grout lines. Tiles also work well with under floor heating, and radiate the heat well. Tiles can also be used for the skirting to enhance the look a little more. Tip: Be mindful of high gloss finishes as these can show foot prints and marks depending on how the light reflects.


Stone floors offer pleasing aesthetics and although more costly than floorboards and tiles, they are very durable and hard wearing. There are many unique colours and textures that allow you to highlight a certain room or area, and can accentuate the furnishings in the room while adding a touch of luxury in your home.

Rolled Vinyl

Vinyl flooring is versatile, non-porous and easy to maintain. It is also an economical option that adds a touch of softness and cushioning on the floor making it great for areas where you’ll be on your feet frequently such as the kitchen, or in areas for young children. Many patterns and colours to choose.

Vinyl Planking

Vinyl planking is similar to Rolled but comes in planked form, not a large roll. Many colours and patterns to choose, still offers good economics and can be used in wet areas as well. great for heavy foot traffic too, if one plank becomes damaged, it can be replaced fairly easily. A bit harder than the rolled vinyl however.


Carpet is a timeless favourite and is often the first choice for bedrooms. Newer materials are designed to be stain and spill resistant allowing for easy maintenance while adding the comfort and warmth desired for the atmosphere of rest and relaxation. A diverse range of colours and textures can be matched to any theme of your home. An easy option for making a carpet feel fetter is to upgrade your underlay, make this a little thicker will make the carpet feel better.

Building your own home and choosing the flooring is an exciting process. But before you begin, it’s important to first choose the right builder. Here are Headstart Homes, we are committed to building quality affordable homes that help you achieve the dream of owning your own home. Our range of Headstart  floorplans are specifically designed to be utilised with the Homestart Grant, so you can get into your own home sooner than you think!

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