Kiwi Saver HomeStart grant – How does it work??

    • After three years of regularly contributing to KiwiSaver (of at least the minimum allowable percentage of your total income) you may be entitled to the HomeStart grant.
    • You can apply for the Kiwi Saver HomeStart grant or pre-approval if you have belonged and contributed to a KiwiSaver scheme, complying fund or exempt employer scheme for at least three years.
    • If you are purchasing a new home, a property bought off the plans or land to build a new home on, the Kiwi Saver HomeStart grant is $2,000 for each year of contribution to the scheme:If you are purchasing land to build a new home on, there is a maximum amount the combined land and new home can cost. There are other eligibility criteria to meet.
    • 3 years of contributing = $6,000
      (the minimum you can get)
    • 4 years of contributing = $8,000
    • 5 years of contributing = $10,000
      (the maximum you can get)

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