The Media Room

The Media Room – Your Ultimate Multi-Purpose Living Space

Friday night and the movie is just about to start, so with the popcorn in hand, you walk into the Media room to watch the film with the family, or perhaps:

It’s Saturday night and the boys have arrived to watch the game. You put the beers in the fridge the night before and everyone is looking forward to seeing if we can crush the other team. It’s great to have a dedicated space for this viewing extravaganza!

The main reason for this space was always to enjoy the TV or indeed music, which was the focus for that room when designing the house. So, once you’ve decided this is the main purpose of the room, you can then design it to accommodate that function.

Multi-Purpose Living Space

You need to consider the size of the TV and how it will fit in relation to the windows, or whether you want an overhead projector instead. Where you are going to sit to enjoy viewing the screen is very important. This allows for surround-sound prewiring and other wiring which may well be needed, in conjunction with a degree of sound insulation so as not to upset other family members who aren’t enjoying the cinematic event.

Windows for the room also need thought. Smaller windows reduce the light and won’t interfere with the screen, as long as blackout binds are used. You can increase the ambience of the room to create a low-light warm cinematic experience with good lighting arrangement. Having this on a remote control makes life easier too. The images included show how darker walls help to enhance the screen and ambient lighting also reduces the glare onto the screen.

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