There are lots of finishing touches you can add to enhance the décor and personality of your beautiful new home. As mentioned in our earlier blog titled Making your home a reflection of yourself, the creative inclusion of layers and texture to spaces brings warmth and character to your home, including the addition of soft furnishings, art and accessories to brighten each room.

There are many decorating ideas and items to help you achieve a great look and style for the interior of your home. Here are some handy DIY Decorating tips to get you started.

Decide on a style or theme you would like to achieve throughout the house and try to stick to it. As you acquire new items, think about how they will work together in your room to create the look you are striving for.

Add flare to your room by adding some brightly coloured cushions, a stand-out piece of furniture or artwork on the wall. It can take just one interesting accessory or piece of furniture to help make a room look amazing.

Grouping: Smaller single items can disappear when displayed on their own, whereas grouping adds more impact. Follow the rule of three; odd numbers of recurring items tend to look more natural. For example, stagger the height of vases/candles on a dining table or cabinet to create natural flow and a balanced look.

Floor rugs
A rug can literally change the space in a room. A large rug in a big room gives an impact. It can create a boundary for furniture and even divide a room without needing walls.

Wall art
One big art piece can lift your plain walls, creating a focal point in the room. Whereas, a collection of smaller prints or family photos draws the eye in for a closer look.

Flowers and plants
It’s amazing how they can transform a room. A simple plant in a decorative pot adds life and colour instantly. And, if you have an aversion to the responsibility of keeping plants alive, artificial plants can be very convincing these days!
There are so many sources of inspiration including online home décor websites, magazines and reality TV home shows to name a few. Also, check-out our online gallery featuring some of our most popular home designs and interior decorating ideas.
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