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What is included in your new home

We have a range of Specifications suitable for a range of budgets. Your new home will be finished to the level of specification you choose.

Our Specification range begins with our Impressions series which includes an excellent level of finish with good quality items backed by reputable suppliers at an affordable price.

Our Prestige Series features superior quality items and a level of finish with high attention to detail equivalent to what you would see in our Showhomes.

We also can tailor bespoke Specifications for those wanting more detail such as with our Architectural series homes or to achieve an eco-friendly Homestar rating as per the Green Building Council requirements.

For your convenience, we have compiled e-Books for each range of Specification detailed with images of what is included. Please don’t hesitate to contact our New Home Consultants who can point you in the right direction to view any of these items in person.

To help simplify the process for you, we are very flexible and happy to work in with you if you would like to substitute any items from our Specification list to something of your choosing. Please be sure to let our team know and we can look into this for you.

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Homestar rating benefits

We are conscious of the need to play our part in helping reduce the carbon footprint and implement more environmentally friendly building practices within all of our homes.

The new Homestar rating recently introduced by the Green Building Council is to ensure that your new home measures up to a minimum Six star rating which certifies that it has been constructed in an eco-friendly manner with extra consideration given to products that make it a warmer, drier and overall healthier home.

All of our New Home Consultants are certified Homestar practitioners able to give you advice on measures that you can take to improve your new home’s rating to meet the Green Building Council’s minimum six star qualification. We also have three in-house Homestar Assessors who are able to calculate your Homestar rating in preparation for submission and approval by the GBC.

Some of the benefits of having a Homestar rating for your home is: https://www.consumer.org.nz/articles/homestar-ratings#article-homestar-and-the-cost-ofachieving-it (refer to this link for ideas)

  • A warmer and drier home, with higher performing insulation and ventilation for moisture control
  • A healthier home which will reduce sickness, especially for those with allergies or asthma
  • Energy efficient heating and lighting to reduce energy bills
  • Water efficient tapware and fittings to reduce water consumption
  • Superior glazed window options such as Low E or Thermally Broken joinery to reduce heat transmission and condensation
  • Environmentally friendly products which are non toxic and VOC free (volatile organic compound) free , materials and construction practices
    • Improved waste minimization that reduces landfill waste as construction and demolition are significant contributors to landfill
    • Ensuring design includes vegetable gardens , fruit trees and native plantings
    • Improved on site water management for rain water management
  • Better resale value comparable to homes that are just built to code
  • The payback time for your investment on a six star rating can range from three years*
  • ANZ Bank Healthy Home Loan package:
  • ANZ Bank are offering a Healthy Home Loan package giving up to 1% discount on floating Home loan interest rates for Six star or higher rated homes
  • ANZ Bank also offer an interest free home loan top up for insulation and heat pumps up to $5,000 each.


*Based on house size and Homestar Specification

Co-Construct – our online communication tool

Here at Hallmark / Headstart Homes we believe in transparent communication with you at all times. Once your plan and specifications have been agreed upon and finalised, your plan will then be quoted. All of your specifications chosen and pricing will be uploaded to Co-construct which is available for you to access and review 24/7 online via your own personalised login.

In your own time you can then peruse all of the important details relating to your new home. You are also given opportunities to add or substitute alternative materials

which if selected, will automatically update both your specification list and pricing immediately so everyone is always kept fully up to date of what has been included and any variations to the price.

Once construction of your new home is underway, our Project Management team communicate, manage and prepare schedules for all of our sub-trades via Co-Construct so that everyone is on the same page. Photos of progress on site are also uploaded during construction which is an advantage when you are away or live out of the area.

Client testimonial:

We had previously managed our own building projects.

Signing a contact was a new experience for us.

We want to undertake some parts of the build process ourservice.

The hallmark team was very obliging and easy to work in with on every part that we undertook between demolition and landscaping

The co-construct system was user friendly and very helpful providing easy and up to date access to all of our specifications and any variations agree to. It also made it easy to keep a track of costs especially with choices and variations.

The hallmark tram members were a pleasure to work with.

We are very pleased with the result.

Gaham and Sally Nell December 2017

Hallmark AR App
  • Online 24/7 access from your mobile phone
  • All of your information in one area and at your fingertips
  • Can login to Co-construct to see your building details
  • Can view all website plans / blogs etc
  • Access to 3D Augmented reality plans
  • Access to plan walkthroughs
  • Personalised page for my favourite plans / personalised concepts etc?If this can be done!
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  • playstore - yournewhome

Our new Home Consultants can help getting your finance sorted. We have a wide network of Mortgage Brokers and Banks at our disposal and we can help refer you to one of our contacts if you are needing help with finance. Please contact any one of our team who would be happy to help you.

KiwiSaver HomeStart Grant (for Headstart clients only)

I have included a bit of info here but I think you may already have this on KiwiSaver HomeStart grants. We can include in our blurb that some of our New Home Consultants built their own new home under the HomeStart Grant and have experienced the process first hand. We also have access to lenders who can offer a 5% deposit through the Govts First Home Loan.

First Home Grant

If your a first-time buyer and your been making regular KiwiSaver contributions for at least 3 years, you may be able to apply for a First Home Grant (previously KiwiSaver HomeStart Grant) through K· inga Ora.

How it works

If you buy an existing home, you can get $1000 for each year your paid into the scheme. The most you can get is $5000 for 5 years. If you buy a new home or land, you can get $2,000 for each year your paid into the scheme. The most you can get is $10,000 for 5 years.

Building your own home

If you buy a property with other people who qualify for a First Home Grant, you can all apply but the most you can get for one property is:

  • $10,000 for an existing property
  • $20,000 if you buy a new home or land for a new home.

First Home Grant

Who can apply

To apply, you must:

    • be 18 or older
    • have been contributing at least the minimum amount of your income (currently 3%) to your KiwiSaver scheme for 3 years
    • have had an income in the previous 12 months (before tax) of less than:
      • $85,000 for 1 person
      • $130,000 for 2 or more people
    • have a deposit of at least 5% of the purchase price
    • agree to live in your property for at least 6 months:
      • from the date you buy your home (the settlement date), or
      • if the house is new, when the code compliance certificate is issued.


Interior Designer

When it comes to Interior Design, we have teamed up with Fiona and her team at Sandalwood Design who are experts in creating a beautiful home that will reflect your personal style. Fiona’s many years of experience and vibrant personality will make your colour selections stress free and so much fun but be assured, Fiona’s attention to detail is second to none. Sandalwood Design can also help you with advice on curtains, furniture and accessories for your home. If you are looking for inspiration, all of our Showhome’s have been furnished by Fiona and you are welcome to pay our Showhome a visit to see the quality and type of work that she does.

Hallmark clients only:

For a limited time, we have a fantastic offerl of a $10,000 gift voucher to spend with Sandalwood Design for any new Hallmark Home signed up.

Terms and Conditions apply Sandalwood Ts and Cs
Sandalwood $10k promotion
Sandalwood Design website

How can I see what my new home will look like?

We appreciate how difficult it is to see what your new home will look like just by looking at exterior renders and a floor plan.

That is why here at Hallmark Homes (or Headstart Homes) we have implemented innovative ways using today’s technology for you to best experience your new home before it has been built.

3D Walkthroughs

Using the latest in 3D technology, we create a walkthrough showing the entire interior and exterior of your new home in a 3D video. Firstly, we build your whole home’s interior and exterior using your exact kitchen plan, colours and materials including tiles / flooring that you have elected plus any features also going into the home such as built in shelving, window seats or fireplaces etc to give you the most realistic view of what your home will look like. Our clients have found this to be such an invaluable tool to visualise their new home in the colour choices they have made.

3D Walkthrough video - yournewhome

Professional 3D Renders

While most plans will show exterior 3D renders, we go one step further and offer to do interior 3D renders which can also be tailor made using your personal colour / material selections that you have made if you have them. These renders a professionally finished and look very realistic. You can select which rooms you would like to have rendered. This has been extremely helpful for our clients wanting to see a particularly area in detail and also helps our Project Managers and sub-trades on site particularly if there is a feature needing to be constructed a certain way, they have often referred to these renders for clarification.

3D renders for Kate McMillan

Augmented Reality

Imagine being able to walk through a 3D model of one of our floor plans on the section you have purchased? Well, with our AR mobile app, you can do just that.

Head across to iTunes or the Google Playstore and you can download our mobile app.

When you’ve downloaded it, choose the 3D plan you would like to view, and walk through looking through the screen on your mobile phone or tablet! This is the perfect opportunity for you to view our homes from all direction and angles, giving you an interactive and clear idea of how the building would look when constructed, inside and out!

To see exactly how this works, you may like to check out the demonstration below.

Architectural or Bespoke homes

If you are looking for something unique or that will Architecturally make a statement, we have a new Architectural range of plans which may give you some inspiration or you may prefer to start completely from a blank canvas. Our Design team have experience in designing all styles of Architectural homes along with complex designs on hill sites. Our New Home Consultants can arrange for one of our Architectural Designers to meet with you directly to discuss everything about your plan requirements and then proceed to put these ideas on paper. Our team have also project anaged many complex Architectural builds over the 25 years we have been in business with the quality, integrity and attention to detail that these homes deserve.

Here are a few of our plans in our Architectural range:

Architectural plans

A little blurb about what we do etc to finish the booklet off


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