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Steps to Planning Your New Home Build


Looking for something to do during slow down? What better time than this to plan for your new home build!

Our hectic days are usually over scheduled and leave us little time to plan and think about the choices we make. However, right now we can take advantage of the situation and spend time on making preparations.

The same goes for planning a new home build.

Often people change their minds multiple times during a new build project, part of the reason is that there wasn’t enough time to think through all the details, from the way it should look, to how it reflects the owner’s personality.

While you’re looking at your new home project plan, it is also a good time to reflect on what things in your current home what you’d like to be improved in your new home. Be specific and get down to as much detail as you can think of.

Some common questions you could ask yourself are:

  1. Location
  • Are you in the location that you really want to be?
  • When you moved into your current home what was your situation, and does it still work for your Now?
  • Would this plan sit on your site maximising views and sunlight?
  1. Selecting a new plan
  • Visit our website to browse and download Floorplans that you’re interested in. 
  • Look through our Gallery for house and land ideas.
  • You can print off floorplans and cut out elements to rearrange or move around (we can draw this into a home for you later on).
  • If you’d like a custom architectural design, we can help you too! Look out for our band new architectural range coming soon.
  • Does the plan’s size suit your lifestyle needs?
  1. Finance and Homestart grant for Headstart Projects
  • Is this plan within your budget you are wanting to spend?
  • Work out a budget for your home build (consult a mortgage broker if you can)
  • Check out our Promotions page for the latest incentives for your new build!
  1. Homestar rating
  • You don’t need to install flash new gadgets to get a good Homestar rating: nearly half the points a house can earn relate to energy, health and comfort. That’s because getting the basics right – good orientation for sun, high levels of insulation and controlling moisture – is vital to create a healthy, efficient home.
  • The Hallmark Homes Sales Consultants are accredited Homestar Assessors & Practitioners trained to help you build an energy efficient home while keeping to budget.
  1. Living areas
  • Is your home big enough for your family with spaces in the right places?
  1. Kitchen
  • Is your kitchen really the heart of the home?
  • Are you able to cook with the kids and can they do art or homework at the island while you making dinner?
  1. Bathroom
  • Are your bathrooms a relaxing space? Is your bath deep enough for a truly relaxing bath?
  • Is there a lock on the door to keep kids out while you have a relaxing bath?
  1. Bedrooms
  • Are the rooms the right size for what you need the bedrooms to be, double or singles, family and frequent extended relatives and friends visiting?
  1. Outdoor living and landscaping
  • Are all of the rooms of this plan in the right position for sunlight / views / or according to your lifestyle?
  1. Interior design & colours
  • Collect ideas to put on a Pinterest Board (eg. bathrooms, kitchens, landscaping, colour themes)
Headstart Homes Steps to Plannng Your New Home Build 1 - Steps to Planning Your New Home Build
Headstart Homes Steps to Plannng Your New Home Build 2 - Steps to Planning Your New Home Build

At Hallmark Homes, our new home consultants are ready to assist you over emails, phone calls and messages. Contact our New Home Consultants:

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