Maximising the Storage Space in Your New Home - Maximising the Storage Space in Your New Home

Maximising the Storage Space in Your New Home


Have you ever heard of anyone complaining about having ‘too much’ storage space? Probably never! It seems that even with the ‘minimalist’ trend gaining popularity – removing things that don’t spark ‘joy’, we can still never have too much storage space! Building your own home has the advantage of allowing you to customise, add, and maximise storage spaces – right from the start.

Here are some clever storage ideas to incorporate into your new home design:

Floor to Ceiling Storage
Full height storage such as bookshelves and cupboards allow you to make use of all the vertical space, and there are now many stylish options that covers the storage area completely so it appears to be part of the wall. Easier access to that top shelf can be increased with higher doors too! You’ll be surprised at how much more you can fit into a floor to ceiling than a standard height shelf!

Built-in Entertainment centres
Similar to the full height storage, built-in entertainment centres can save space and add storage to the living room wall. With flat screen TVs now becoming the norm, you can maximise the size of your living room with a stylish and slim fit set up designed to blend with the character and theme of your home.

Furniture with Storage
Another clever way to add storage is to place furniture with ‘hidden’ or built-in storage. From a coffee table, to your sofa and bed, and even an ottoman, you can almost find any new and modern furniture that are designed with clever storage compartments. They are also great for storing handy items – such as throw blankets in your ottoman for a sudden chilly evening, so you don’t have to walk all the way to the linen closet at the other side of your house.

Drawers in kitchen and laundry
Ask mum and she’ll tell you that you can also never have too many drawers in the kitchen and laundry! Latest kitchen designs allow you to fully maximise the counter and bench areas with storage in terms of drawers and shelving, no matter what shape or size your kitchen is. For inspiration, collect ideas and images from magazines that you think will suit your needs.

Garage Shelving System
Don’t forget the garage for all the bits such as tools and sporting equipment. Consider installing a garage shelving system specifically designed to neatly organise your items, such as wall hanging bicycle or tool racks. It will save you a lot of headache trying to sort through your tools and screws when the time comes! And don’t forget you have the potential for storage in your loft too!

Even if you’re just starting out and haven’t accumulated a lot of ‘stuff’ – it is always worth having extra storage. If you’re planning to start a family, then it’s essential to allocate extra storage for nursery and children items; from clothing and uniforms, to toys, books and stationery. Give yourself plenty of room and what better way then to build them into your new home now!

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