how to space efficiently - How to Use Space Efficiently

How to Use Space Efficiently


As the cost of land and building is on the rise by the minute, this has meant the size of modern homes is on the fall. However, just because the square meterage of your home is decreasing, that doesn’t mean the quality of living should too!

Many contemporary homes are now designed with space efficiency in mind. Smart floor plan layouts include open-plan living, innovative in-built storage, as well as making use of space-saving furnishings and products within the home.

We have found 4 quirky, space-saving hacks that you can use in your new home:

  1. Space Saving Towers:
    Dreaming of a pantry that can fit everything? This fantastic product is not only sleek and smart but is also practical and functional. By storing vertically, these towers are a great way to save space, especially when your pantry size is limited. The inner pull-out drawers are also customisable to suit your lifestyle needs. Not to mention, they just look neat and great!

  2. Use a Shoe Rack as Linen Storage:
    Running low on linen storage? No problem! Check out this great hack to keep your linen nicely stored by using a shoe rack. Closed shoe racks are great for making any room appear clean and tidy. Why not make this shoe cabinet multipurpose by storing your left-over linen in the handy compartments! The simple, classical design also adds a touch of tradition while looking great in any area of your home.

  3. Corner Shelves:
    Often an underutilised space, corners offer an impressive amount of storage space. Make the most of this forgotten space with this stylish and modern corner shelf where you can put little knickknacks, books, photo frames, and any other loose items. Corner shelves also offer an affordable, stylish, and decorative touch to the home without costing a fortune.

  4. Multipurpose Furniture:
    As the footprint of the home shrinks, so does the number of items the home can realistically fit. This problem has highlighted the importance of using clever furnishings that serve multi-purposes. The living room is increasingly becoming the new hub and workplace of the home. Check out this new coffee table which actually doubles as a workspace — perfect for the growing trend of working from home nowadays.

Ask any homeowner what they wish to have more of, and not surprisingly, the answer is most likely storage and space!

And if you’re planning to grow your family, you also need to anticipate that a new baby can easily shrink the size of your home by 30%.

Here at Headstart and Hallmark Homes, our specialty is custom designing homes to suit your needs. This includes floor plans that can be personalised to include additional storage, layouts to create a more spacious atmosphere, and ideas to maximise the usable areas of your home while keeping within your budget.

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