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How to Maximise Your New Home’s Street Appeal


When we meet someone for the first time, you want to give a good “first impression”. Like people, our Homes can also give a first impression – this is also known as the “Street Appeal”. At first sight, you want your new home to impress, to have the ‘wow’ factor. So how do you go about maximising street appeal?

Street Appeal is how your façade is presented, on the outside, before someone steps into your home. The following tips will help you boost the exterior aesthetics of your new home façade to impress upon your visitors.

Exterior Decorating & Design

As with the interior design of your home, you can also add a touch of style to the façade. Create a strong focal point with contrasting paint shades, especially if you want to highlight certain architectural details. Set the scene with an arrangement of lighting, hanging or pot plants, and earthy tones with natural materials can help the home feel warm and welcoming.

Surrounding Areas & Local Considerations

In certain areas a design covenant may apply to new homes. This may include roofing, exterior finishes, driveway surfaces, fencing, and other landscaping covenants. Take note of the requirements and work your style within the design guidelines to suit your surrounding area, and to match the overall street design. Headstart Homes’ team of consultants have expert knowledge of the Christchurch region and can advise you on what will be required.

Cladding & Rendering

A range of materials are available to add character and style to the exterior finishes of a home. For example, plastering or cement cladding, timber panelling, stone or tile cladding, and other feature brickwork. These are all great ways to enhance the appearance of the exterior, while adding a contemporary and on-trend look. A plastered finish requires minimal maintenance due to its durability and rot resistance.

Headstart Maximise Street Appeal Plastered Finish 1024x536 - How to Maximise Your New Home's Street AppealBuild a quality standout new home with an impressionable street appeal with Headstart Homes by Hallmark. We’ve put together a selection of Headstart Homes Floorplans that are specifically designed to help you get into your first home utilising the Homestart Grant scheme.

With Headstart Homes, rest assured that we are committed to building quality affordable homes that help you achieve the dream of owning your own home sooner that you think! It’s a dream worth exploring and we love exploring with you.

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