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How to choose the right section for your new home

So many things to think about, where do you start! Our team at Headstart Homes is here to help from the outset to make sure the process runs smoothly and is an enjoyable experience for you. Let’s take a look at things to be considered when choosing a section.

First things first – decide on your investment, speak to professionals regarding your lending, and gain a clear understanding of what you can afford. It’s important to line everything up correctly from the beginning, so you know your budget in line with your long term financial commitments.

The land – Find the land to suit your family and lifestyle

There are many sections out there for sale, so choosing the right one is very important as this is the platform for your masterpiece. Here’s some vital points to consider:

  • Size

    Does the size of the section fit with your family’s living? Do the children play outside a lot? Typically, you will have an idea of the style and size of home you are looking to build, so does the section allow for this home?

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    To save time have a clear idea of where you would like to live. Not only are you looking for a section that suits your lifestyle, it must be in the right location for you and your family’s needs. For example, how close do you want to be to shops, schools, hospitals and public transport?

  • Consult with your builder

    Before making an offer, check with your builder to confirm whether or not the section will work and is the best orientation available. There also may be other sections still available that are slightly better for what you need. Your Headstart Homes’ sales consultant will be more than happy to assist you.

  • Additional cost considerations

    As a general rule, the more level the section is, the easier it is to build on. However, if the section is sloping we can take this into account and advise you of any extra costs such as retaining walls, extra engineering, and site access. These all add to the build cost.

  • Aspect

    How much sun does your section get? You want the section to make the most of the outside living, so thinking about how the sun path moves through the section, and how the design can be aligned to make the most of this is an important consideration too.

  • Future additions

    Always factor in add-ons such as a pool, storage shed or additional landscaping so that allowances can be made when the home is positioned on your section.

  • Zoning or Covenant Rules

    Be mindful of any covenants set by the land developer, particularly in newer subdivisions. For example, check whether there are any design or building restrictions, or if the section has a minimum floor level that could affect things. It is always good to talk to your consultant about these elements first.

  • House & Land Packages

    Alternatively, to avoid the stress of finding the perfect section, why not consider buying a home and land package where the house and the section are already matched by the builder. Headstart Homes have put together some great house and land packages targeted to new home buyers.

For advice on selecting the perfect match (section) for your dream home, come and have a chat to our sales team at Headstart Homes. Our new showhome is located at 9 Lemonwood Drive, Faringdon, Rolleston, open Thu to Sun 12 to 4pm or by appointment. For more details click here.

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