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How to Choose the Right Builder

Has anyone said to you, “building a new home isn’t for the faint hearted” and then in contrast another says, “we’ve had an awesome build experience and are rapt with our new home.” So, how can one person’s experience be so different from another?

It simple! The key to a positive experience is choosing the right builder for the job. We’ve compiled a brief check-list to help guide you through the selection process.

Define Your Needs
Visit show homes and builder’s open homes in the area you plan to build, taking particular note of the quality of workmanship and features included in the price. Browse builder’s websites, home magazines and ask family and friends to share their building experience and recommendations. Then put together a scrapbook including the things you like and want for your new home, i.e. floor plans and design ideas – literally everything you want in a new home, bearing in mind this needs to be both realistic and in line with your budget

Now that you have a clear idea of what you, make a list of prospective builders in your area whose skills best align with your vision – narrowing it down to two or three.

Reference Checks
This is an essential step in the process. Ask potential builders to provide references and phone numbers of previous clients. Ask these referees questions such as: Would you recommend the builder? Did they finish on time and on budget? Would you build with them again?

Check Credentials
Verify the builder’s licence status and whether they have had negative reviews or defaults against them. Are they renown for their workmanship and design options?

Headstart Homes Little River Design Blog - How to Choose the Right BuilderInsurance
Check builder’s insurance details, including the project and those working onsite.

Warranty & Post Completion Service
A major advantage of building a new home is your home inclusions are brand-new and under warranty. However, make sure you fully understand the builder’s defects and structural warranty conditions.

Quoting Process
Remembering cheapest isn’t always the best! Provide each builder with exactly the same scope of works to ensure you are comparing apples with apples.

Compare the quotes, inclusions, materials used and time frame (i.e. how long they anticipate the project will take and when they’ll be able to start, as every delay will cost you money).

Importantly, what’s your gut feeling? Do you feel a rapport with your builder? Integral to a successful build experience is having peace of mind knowing that your builder has clearly understood what your expectations are and guarantees to build your home to the highest standard, on time and on budget.

You can rest assured that Headstart Homes by Hallmark, ticks all the boxes mentioned above. As licensed master builders Christchurch, we are totally committed to ensuring your building experience is both enjoyable and exceeds your expectations.

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