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We’ve put together a selection of Headstart Homes specifically designed to help you get into your first home utilising the Homestart Grant scheme.

After three years of regularly contributing to KiwiSaver you may be entitled to the HomeStart grant of up to $20,000.

You can apply for the HomeStart grant or pre-approval by visiting the Housing New Zealand Website.

The $20,000 grant allows you to build your first home to a combined section and home investment cap of $550,000 here in Christchurch and the immediate area.

We’ve put together 7 “Headstart Homes” plans that fit perfectly into theHomestart Grant scheme. Take a browse through them then pick up the phone and ring us to discuss how we can work alongside you to get you into your new home sooner than you thought.

If you would like to view the full range of plans from Hallmark Homes

Avoid budget blowouts

We are in an age where everyone is looking for value for money. Hallmark Homes understands that obtaining a balance between expectation and budget is extremely important and our commitment to quality at a fair and reasonable price is foremost on our minds.

Flexibility Guaranteed

At Hallmark Homes, our goal is to be totally flexible during design and construction. That way your home is tailored to your individual needs and is a perfect fit for your family and lifestyle.

Quality Control System

Most builders will say they have a real focus on quality. The reality is that most don’t follow through on that pledge. However, at Hallmark Homes we are committed to providing the highest quality guarantee.

First home buyers in the Christchurch area

Headstart Homes has taken the fear of the unknown out of the building process.

As a first home buyer, the experience of buying a new home is one of the largest purchases you may ever make.

Going through the process of designing your new home, selecting all the fittings and fixtures and watching it grow from the ground up ought to be an enjoyable and exciting experience in your life. Selecting the right builder with a good reputation for building quality master-built homes will ensure that you end up with the home of your dreams within a realistic time frame and on budget. However, unfortunately all too often new purchasers enter into a building contract without checking the builders’ credentials first. Selecting the wrong builder can lead to heartbreaking ramifications and often proves to be a costly lesson.

Our team at Headstart Homes are committed to making sure your building experience is second to none. Our sales consultants listen carefully to your ideas and needs so that we can present you with a design that suits your lifestyle and vision for your new home. Throughout the project we make sure that you are fully informed every step of the way. Our onsite manager oversees the total build process to ensure that every element of your home is completed to the highest building standards and exceeds your expectations.


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