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Choosing a Home Design that Best Suits Your Section

If you’ve already chosen a section in a perfect location, then the next step is to choose a design that best suits your section and meets all your lifestyle requirements.  Your section and floor plan should complement each other and although this can seem a difficult task for many new home buyers, our team at Headstart Homes is here to help.  Here are some key considerations:


Land Area

The overall size of your section will determine the size of your home.  Depending on where you are building, sections can vary significantly in size, shape and slope which can influence your choice of house design. For example, most subdivisions require you to meet different rules around the style of home, and the council have rules that the house and outside space need to meet, therefore when designing a house we need to consider these elements. It’s also important to consider the area around your home, such as outdoor entertaining, landscaping, play area and potential space for other elements that you may wish to add at a later date. These elements should be discussed during the design stage so allowances can be made when positioning your house on your section.  


If your section is on the smaller side, all you need to do is identify the must-have features you want included in your new home build and we’ll work toward customising a floorplan to best suit your needs and size of land. 



The right house design should maximise every element of your section. Selecting a design that aligns well with the sun’s path across your section will provide warmth and natural light throughout various rooms of your home at different times of the day; delivering greater energy efficiency and comfortable living.


Land Gradient

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Generally, most sections in a new sub-division are fairly level.  We typically allow for a slope of no more than 200mm over the build platform, however, if your section does look like it is uneven then we would be best to do a survey to determine this early on. (note: a sloping section is likely to increase the build cost).  When you build with Headstart Homes we’ll help you make an informed decision about choosing a design that has the best layout and surrounding space that suits the slope of your section if you have one.


Street Appeal

To make sure you maximise the positives of your location, consider the surroundings to determine which house design is going to best suit. Adding your own style and personality to a plan can maximise street appeal and the future resale value of your home.  If building in a new subdivision next door may not have been built yet, so you will not know what is coming.  This is another reason for the Covenants of each sub-division; it helps you feel protected, as everyone needs to conform to these rules.



Make the best use of your budget by selecting a plan that offers an optimal layout and best use of space within the maximum building envelope. To find out more, click here to view our customisable range of new home plans, which are specifically designed to be used with the Homestart Grant.  For more details visit the Housing New Zealand Website.


Alternatively, if you don’t already have a section, ask our Headstart Homes’ sales consultants about our competitively priced range of house and land packages where the house and section are already matched and all you need to do is relax and enjoy the building process, and the choices you make to turn your build, into your home.


Contact us today – Phone 0508 442 556 – to arrange a free consultation to discuss how we can help get you into your new home sooner than you thought.

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