first home build header img - Building your first home - It's an exciting time!

Building your first home – It’s an exciting time!

Our team at Headstart Homes appreciates that building a home is one of the biggest and most exciting purchases you will make in your lifetime. We have been building quality master-built homes in the Canterbury region for well over 30 years and can assure you that your building experience will not only be enjoyable, but the outcome will exceed your dreams!

Let’s get a Headstart and take a look at the important steps to choosing a new home.

Firstly, starting from the ground up – you need a section. If you haven’t yet purchased land here are some key things to consider:

  • Where do you want to live?
  • Know your budget
  • Convenience – proximity to shops, transport, schools, hospitals etc.
  • Aspect – views, ideally north facing, prevailing winds
  • Size of land, flat or sloping (the more level the block the easier the build and more affordable)
  • If any building covenants
  • Future enhancements – such as a pool or shed. It’s important to discuss these with your builder so that allowances can be made when your home is fitted on your section

first home build - Building your first home - It's an exciting time!

We are happy to arrange for one of our consultants to come and look at your potential section to discuss its suitability and identify any particular issues that may need to be considered before you purchase it.

Now that the section side of things is sorted – it’s time to discuss design options.

Headstart Homes have created a range of new homes perfectly designed to help you get into your first home utilising the Homestart Grant scheme. For conditions and how you can apply for the HomeStart grant or pre-approval visit the Housing New Zealand Website. Click here for more details.

Not only are Headstart homes designed for functionality and lifestyle they are also affordable without compromise on quality. We have a range of floor plans, which include contemporary stylish features and inclusions to fit your budget. Our designs can also be customised for your specific needs, such as flipping the house layout to suit the aspect of your section or perhaps changing the size or configuration of some of the bedrooms/living areas.

We have also incorporated innovative cost-effective construction and design features including hip roof profiles, brick exterior finishes and standard height ceilings providing master-built quality with premium style and street appeal. Click here to view our full range.

Our Headstart Homes consultant can provide you with a quotation that includes your selected home design, any changes to be made to the existing plan and an estimate of the site works required for your section.

Contact us today, ph. 0508 442 556 to find out how we can help you get a Headstart sooner than you thought and build your first new dream home. Headstart Homes – building quality homes that people love to come home to!

first home build footer img - Building your first home - It's an exciting time!