Headstart Homes Multi Purpose Garage - 3 Ideas for Your Multi Purpose Garage

3 Ideas for Your Multi Purpose Garage


The humble garage in a home is often the ‘forgotten’ space that is under utilised except for parking your car or storing unwanted items (left there to be further ‘forgotten’!). However, there is much more to the garage than most people think. When it comes to building your own home, it is important to carefully consider the layout and inclusions of the garage. Start with the sizing to allow yourself more room to work with. For example, while a standard double garage can accommodate two cars, it leaves little space for other purposes. Adding a third or a half garage allows you the freedom to be more creative, you’ll be surprised at how much a difference a 3rd or even a 2.5 garage can make!

Here are three ideas for designing a multi purpose garage to maximise its functionality:

Home gym or studio

The trend of working from home has become increasingly popular in recent years, so why not workout at home as well? Not only will you save from gym membership fees, you’ll also save on travel time and be able to personalise your workout schedule to fit with your lifestyle. Or if you’re into creative pursuits, prepare a space in your garage for your in-home studio, such as for photography, filming, or other arts and crafts. All you need is suitable flooring such as epoxy and proper ventilation and you’re all set to go!

Modern Storage hub

Since many of us already use the garage for a variety of storage purposes, why not properly design a storage hub with modern shelving, hanging and cabinetry systems? Nowadays, clever storage systems are widely available either as easy DIY installations, or you can have them made to size by a professional designer. From the good old bicycle to bits of tools and garden equipment, there are matching storage solutions that are not only stylish, but space saving as well. Don’t forget the loft space as well, if planned at the beginning, you can change the trusses to allow for easy access and storage space above your garage or home, this is always good for the Christmas tree or suitcases. Keep yourself organised with a modern storage hub within your garage, or use the space above your garage.

Contemporary workshop

In addition to storage, the garage is also often seen as a space for workshopping and other ‘fix it’ projects. Instead of cramming jars of screws and nails in the corner or hanging bits of tools on makeshift hooks on your garage wall, why not design a contemporary workshop that dad (or other keen family members) can enjoy? Include a versatile workbench that can be folded away, and design a smart wall with drawers for every bit of tool and screw that can be clearly labelled. Consider adding extra power points for electrical tools and a second door for easy access.

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